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Our advertisers are truly the life-blood of Prep411.net. From the “mom & pop” to the large corporation, our advertisers are key to the success of Prep411.net. We are proud to offer a wide range of advertising opportunities at very affordable prices. Let us help you find the right space for your ad campaign on Prep411.net.
What is Prep411 and How Does It Work?
Prep411.net serves local high schools in the Northeast A League (NEA), Northeast 2B league (NE2B), the Northeast 1B League (NE1B), and the Inter-Mountain League (IML), with more schools and leagues being added regularly. Prep411 is used by those high schools to follow all of their athletic teams and events. Each team's schedule, roster, event dates and location is posted in an easy to use and easy to follow format. Users can view team details, school details and even maps to event locations. Sport standings, event details and results are also posted. Users can even register on the site FREE OF CHARGE, allowing them to track and follow individual teams. Registered users can also sign up to receive notifications by email or text message of any schedule changes, event cancellations, location changes, or other notifications that may be sent by individual teams.
Why Advertise with Prep411.net?
We always ask “Why NOT advertise with Prep411.net?” Consider this:
  • Prep411.net currently serves close to 50 High Schools in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. And the numbers continue to grow!
  • Your ad will be seen by:
    • Homeowners
    • Business Owners
    • Decision Makers
    • Consumers
    • High School Student Athletes
    • Parents and Grandparents of Student Athletes
    • Coaches, Teachers and School Administrators
    • Fans of High School Athletics
  • Advertising campaigns run for three month cycles.
  • Advertisers can pinpoint the placement of their ad to a specific School, specific Team or even to a specific Sport.
  • A percentage of every advertising dollar goes back to the school. What a great way to be involved in your community and show support for your schools!
  • Advertisers receive monthly reports with total page hits and advertisement clicks. You will know how many people see your ad.
  • Opportunity to receive up to three “free” months of advertising.
  • Your advertisement won’t get lost in the crowd.
  • Your ad will be highlighted on our “Current Advertisers” page.
  • Your ad will be featured on Prep411.net as the “Featured Advertiser”.
Where Will My Ad Be Placed?
There are hundreds of advertising opportunities within Prep411. Our Prep411 Account Executive would be happy to talk with you to help determine the best placement of your ad based on your advertising objectives.
Currently, we offer two ad size options: “Display Ad” (200px X 200px) or “Banner Ad” (600px X 100px). The ads are uniform in size and are limited on each page. This allows each ad to be clearly seen by those viewing the page without the ad getting lost. Advertisers can also have their ads direct users to their own website, FaceBook page, email link or any other link when their ad is clicked.
How Much Does It Cost?
We realize that in today’s business environment, advertising dollars are stretched thin. That's why we offer excellent advertising opportunities at extremely affordable costs. Regardless of ad size, ad campaigns can run for a Three month period or all year long.
I Would Like More Information!
We would be happy to contact you and answer any questions you may have. You can call us at (509) 343-9660, or simply fill out the following information and hit the Submit button. Our Prep411 Account Executive will be in touch with you very soon.

Advertisement Information Request

Business Name:
Business Address:
I'm interested in advertising opportunities for the following:
Best time to contact me:
Contact me by:

Example Ad Spaces
Day View
In the example above, you can see two DISPLAY ADS to the left and on the bottom of the page is one BANNER AD. By limiting ads, we are ensuring that each advertiser is getting the maximum exposure. To expand the screen view of the image, click on the image above.
Week View
Above is an example of the weekly view. Both of the DISPLAY ADS and the BANNER AD shown here offer the advertisers maximum exposure to users who are reviewing all of the activities during a week.To expand the screen view of the image, click on the image above.
School Main Pages
Interested in advertising on a specific school main page? Click here to see an example of advertising space available on these pages. What a great place to target your ad for a specific school.
Team Specific Pages
How about an ad to support a specific team? Click here to see an example of advertising space available on a specific team page.
Sport Standings Pages
League Standings and Overall Standings are displayed for each sport. Click here to view an example of a Sport Standings page.
School Standings Pages
Each school in the league has their own School Standings Page. Displayed here are the current standings for each sport played at that school. Click here to view an example of a School Standings page.
Event Details Page
Each sport event will have an Event Details Page displaying the teams involved and the final score of the event. Click here to see an example of an Event Details page.
Other Ad Locations
There are many other pages within Prep411.net that are available for advertisements. Why not contact our Prep411.net Account Executive right now and allow us to show you how you can advertise with us.