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Prep411 is Off to the Races

Prep411 was an idea that was contemplated and discussed in many a coffee house. Meetings with frustrated parents, coaches, school administrators with limited time, and fans wanting to be in the loop had something to say. What started out as a series of "I wish I had" lists became reality in the fall of 2011. With the right combination of developers, knowledgeable resources and a willing Northeast A League athletic league of Eastern Washington, Prep411 was born.

Prep411 offers many features addressing the concerns of interested fans of prep athletics. Why wouldn't you be interested in a system that does the following...

  • School Administrators enjoy a single system that:
    • Keeps athletes, coaches, district support staff and patrons on the same page.
    • Proactively notify interested parties in schedule changes.
    • Allows collaboration with other schools/districts in scheduling, rosters, etc.
    • Provides a system for scheduling athletic facilities.
    • Requires bracketing of team tournaments.
  • Coaches enjoy a system that:
    • Keeps supporters in the loop.
    • Allows for roster changes at a moment's notice.
    • Notifies fans of cancellations, postponements & changes as soon as they know.
  • Athletes & Fans can:
    • Receive emails & text alerts to changes.
    • View schedules, results and standings of their favorite teams.
    • Map their destination to those away games/matches.
    • View how teams and individuals have fared at state events in the past.
There's something for everyone. If you have questions, let us know. 
CRUX makes it all happen. It's The platform for Prep411
Who Uses Prep411
Athletic Director
Manage Your Athletics
Athletic Directors are coming to Prep411 and seeing the many advantages of collaborative scheduling, managing rosters, managing facilities and coach data. They easily notify via email and texts their respective patrons of cancellations, postponements, event details...
Manage Your Team
Coaches are managing roster details, modifying schedule details and using notifications to players and fans with event changes. They are an active part of the process given the proper user permissions...
League Officials
Manage your League
Year-end tournament bracketing becomes a breeze and posted for fans at the same time. Manage league scheduling, announce team & league awards. Manage users throughout the league. Permissions are easy to...
Parents & Fans
Track Your Team(s)
When school your participates, parents and fans can easily stay in the loop. Fans can track team schedules, receive email & text notifications from their respective schools/teams. This is a No Cost subscription.
Northeast 'A' League
The Northeast A League is an Eastern Washington League made up of only 1A schools: Chewelah, Freeman, Kettle Falls, Lakeside (9Mile), Medical Lake, Newport and Riverside. Schools range in approximate size from 200 to 515 (Grades 10-12).